Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Little children are always wondering 'why' and 'how' - Their repeated question often drives their parents to distraction. Maybe its a shame that we stop asking those questions - even, or especially, of ourselves. To ponder on the mysterious things of life seems to me to be a deeply human thing to do. Especially if we hope to get some insight into the mystery of our human existence. You may have picked up, if you have been journeying with me for any length of time, that wondering about things is just the way I am wired. I think its entirely possible that it drives my nearest and dearest crazy too. I used to feel apologetic about it. I don't any more. I'm grateful for it. Now I have found a like minded person in the author I mentioned in a previous post - (Ben Johnson - Living Before God. Post title: Depth in the Day) Here is some more of his writing: "Wondering presses against the boundaries of all that is known; wondering probes answers that no longer seem relevant; wondering edges close to the divine mystery; and wondering keeps us alert and alive to new possibilities. Perhaps no other human capacity ranks higher than wonder in our intention to live before God." "I am inviting you to see, to see in a new way, to forsake the old defenses you have used to escape from yourself. I urge you to pay attention to your life, to what has happened in the past and what is happening today. . . . " "Wondering offers the pathway into this world of depth that at least exposes us to the mystery'in which we live and move and have our being'." "To see with "new eyes", eyes that see the invisible, eyes that can gaze upon the wonders of being, you must be willing to let go of accustomed ways of seeing and view your life from a different perspective." "Wonder will not permit us to live complacent lives filled with ready made answers. But wonder without information and discipline can often lead us astray; it requires substantive material for its task. In the words of Scripture we find material to nurture and inspire wonder." I think learning to see life from this different perspective is a life long walk; I also think its a walk we can decide to embark on today. And we will receive all the help we need form the One who longs for us to see how He wants us to see. All we need to do is ask.

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