Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Timing is everything
Just when I've been mulling over the blogging thing: (see two posts back) - the general slow down; lack of feedback and how much difference that can make; against my personal backdrop of: "Well, I want to write so I will KBO anyway "(Keep Bu**ering On - in the immortal words of Winston Churchill), I stumble upon the superb Chatting at the Sky lady's post about this VERY thing.
Just a superb read.
With some very interesting links too, which I intend to explore later when I am not 45 mins away from having 10 people for supper!


Shayne said...

it's a really great post (chatting in the sky) with some good points to think about. i just realised that as words of encouragement are one of my love languages - that is why the comments mean so much - durr!

i look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Stefanie said...

The link isn't working from my side, it could be my computer...not sure.
Words of encouragment isn't my love language, quality time is and I also feel the need for comments so that I feel it is at least slightly interactive.
Otherwise it is disheartening. Not quite the same when you bump into someone in the PnP and they say that blogpost about XYZ 3 weeks ago meant so much to me. not working for me.