Friday, November 12, 2010

Arb Post

I am more nervous in a hairdresser's chair than I am in a dentist's chair.
Today I went to a new hairdresser (you may remember my usual one did my hair black last time. And orange the time before. So she is now history).
I explained to the new one:
"I really want to look different, colourwise. Lighter please. Much lighter."
(You know how it is when you just need a drastic change?)

There was good and bad news.
The good news? Its do-able.
The bad news? It'll take about 6 months because she has to gradually lighten the base colour.
Eh! No instant new-me today.

But its definitely lighter - so its a start.

Next on my list?
A salon spray tan -
I can't wait - haven't had a tan in years. And that used to be one of the main joys of summer for me.
The thought of having it again - yeeeeeHA!


Lynette said...

Looking good my friend. My hairdresser stopped working because she is having a baby and I am too afraid to go to anybody else;(

I haven't had a tan in years either...let us know how it turns out.

Trix's Mix said...

Lovely hair, lovely lady but most important, a beautiful heart!

Simply-Mel said...

We can go together - i need a tan too!

Your hair is significantly lighter - wow!

allie said...

@ Lynette - come visit us in die Kaap: you Mel and I will all go catch a tan together/
What do you say?
@ Trix - what a sweet thing to say!

@ Mel - you're ON girl! Soon hey?
Re the hair colour - ja, but its still got that red look. I'm excited about getting past that.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous hair, cant believe you finally ditched your hairdresser, I LOVE your hair.

Anonymous said...
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allie said...

Dear Anonymous - thank you so much - but please leave your name next time so I know who I'm thanking, kay?

Olivia said...

I love it! It looks very nice....I do agree with Trix's Mix to a point of being repetitive...I miss you Allie!

allie said...

Dear Olivia - thanks sweetie. I miss you too.
Please come back to SA and visit us soon