Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making It

Creativity is a wonderful gift.
I'm grateful for it specially when I'm going through difficult times,
Making something, painting something; writing something, takes me to a unique place.
The so-called " zone" -
Where I lose track of time in total absorption -
Where its all about the process and not the outcome.

Everyone has the ability to create, although most would argue that point.
But its true - if we can free ourselves of the need for the approval of others.

The trick is not to allow ourselves to be caught in the 'people pleasing trap'.
If we can let it be for pure freedom; pure enjoyment
And lose ourselves in it for a while.

This is my next adventure into creating, I think
I fell in love with this little statuette -
Now it sits in our garden, pensively pondering the sea

I want to learn how to make them -
And when I can, see where that leads me.

PS: To my visitor from Yemen, thank you for your last comment. It was quite beautiful.


Shayne said...

That is beautiful - the statue. Why do you think i scrapbook and take photos? I lose myself completely when doing so and love every minute of it. It is my escape from life. We all need an escape.

I remember i did clay making (whatever it's called) years and years ago, somewhere in Fish Hoek. It was in a little shopping centre tucked in the backstreets somewhere.

Perhaps you know of it?

وادي المعرفة said...

Allie, you are still young but have good experience about life. Here falls your talent.
I agree u. Always i teach my students at the university that EVERY woman has a bit of fairness, and everyone is skillful in something, and u added here:" not to be caught in the 'people pleasing trap'.If we can let it be for pure freedom; pure enjoyment. And lose ourselves in it for a while."
I do feel enough pleasure when reading you, my daughter.Thanks.

Lynette said...

Lovely post Allie. I lost myself in card making this such an extent that my DH accused me of forgetting about "poor sick little him". To be totally honest I did;-D


Kirsty said...

gorgeous little statue! Can I order 1 please? x