Sunday, July 10, 2011

Strange Abundance

Its 12.31am Saturday night.
And I'm up and blogging because its too hot to sleep - in mid-July.
It feels all wrong but hey! I'm wide awake, it seems Blogger is ready to play so why not?

DH brought this story back from a memorial service he attended last week.
The pastor leading the service was a good friend of the deceased, and was clearly emotional about the loss of his friend.
He told the congregation that the last understandable words his friend had uttered were these:

"In my abundance of lack, I have abundance of joy"

I don't know about you, but that stops me in my tracks.
This was a man in his early 40's, who loved life and lived it to the full, leaving a wife and 3 young children - and in deep pain.
And yet, in those hours, that was what he was experiencing.
God can do even that.


Beadz 2 Pleaz said...

Awesome and profound words from the deceased gentleman. Hope you get some sleep. Can't believe it's hot there mid July. You might as well be here. Why not plan a Christmas in July ;)

Anonymous said...

Its very weird - supposed to be freezing.
Christmas in July - now there's a plan!
I can spend my awake time planning it
Love allie

phillinda said...

Very comforting words for us that have to still face that journey:-)

cat said...

Amazing, touching words.

allie. said...

Yes, truly amazing and very comforting words for us who still remain as you say Phillinda.

Shayne said...

Clearly a man who had lived a full and joyous life as a father, husband and man.

An example for us to follow by

Are you Allie Chilling again? Is Stroller not working?

Anonymous said...

Ag Shayne I hardly know whether I'm Arthur or Martha with these 2 sites! I feel bit silly really but I think I wiLl revert to AC as long as that works cos Stroller has even more probs. Love, allie

Lynette said...

Profound words of comfort. I love your posts Allie.