Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blue Wisdom

I watched Avatar again recently
And was struck by the blue-girl's way of declaring herself to the blue-boy: "I see you"

I SEE you: I see YOU
It says a lot in a few words, doesn't it? 

It implies a recognition of all that we are
The good, the bad and the ugly
And the accepting embrace of all of it; of all of who we are.
Don't we all long for that - and not just from our significant other either
Also from the people close to us.
Its incredible to know that God calls Himself the "God who sees"
He sees us.
As we are
Warts and all.
And yet - He went to such lengths to win us back to Himself!

A while back I met a friend here in Blogland
We'll call her M
Sadly M blogs no more but her special gift was that she saw people.
We could tell by her comments - she went to the heart of things unerringly.
And saw our hearts in the telling.
And made each one of us, the lucky recipients of her comments, feel 'seen' - known and embraced by her.
I miss her.

Which brings me to this:
Maybe our comment responses could have more value than we realise?
And maybe one of the reasons we blog is that we may find "see-ers" among our visitors, or be one those who speak "seeingly" into the lives of others?
Its a nice thought . . .

1 comment:

Lynette said...

I love how you can take a movie and make it into something so have an amazing talent my friend.

I miss M too. I miss her wisdom and her insight.