Wednesday, June 24, 2015

During the Outriding


This is what I am finding out.

There was a kind of blurriness when my life was trundling along
And my biggest issue was not getting to grips with my creative urges

But when my family hit this wall, I have seen that things sharpen into a previously unknown focus.
Seemingly small things that normally would have passed unobserved now are recognised as precious
Or marked as a present challenge to be faced
With a new realisation that divine help is not only needed but, in a mysterious way, available
In spite of the many questions we have around that statement.

Some "joy in the moment"" pics:

There is comfort in music for this child

These moments with my brave daughter as she weathers (or should I say in view of my post, 'outrides') the storm are precious. . .

An outing with Dad, a rarity these days, so special to his three adoring children
These are two of this child's happy spaces:
 iPad in front of the TV
And rugby.
He is an avid Stormers supporter, no matter how often they disappoint him.
Oupa gets to take him to the game at Newlands
Board games!
We never used to do these but hey! its fun . . .
Having the family live with us during this time has been precious indeed.
This is one of the things that make this young lady's world go round
and a way to try to push back what's going on around her.
She loves fashion in all its facets. and we love watching her blossom in it.
And this is another - dancing
Tap, ballet, modern and hip hop.
She can lose herself in these and loves to do so.

And then, the quite wonderful waterfall of supportive messages that come per phone
and social media
Friends have meant the world to us all.
It is remarkable to me that divine hands can be crafting such rich moments right in the midst of something so awful.



Helga van said...

So precious Allie. Miss you!

Vivian said...

Yes. It's true. 'Take no thought for tomorrow..." But, as we know, it's only possible when you know the One Who holds tomorrow, like you do. Thank you for sharing this, Allie. Praying for you all.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautiful glimpses into your lives...praying for all of you.xx

Gill said...

Precious moments indeed. It's times like these that we see so clearly what really matters. Hugs to you all Allie, your family is in my prayers x

allie. said...

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers
You are part of the wonderful waterfall