Friday, October 21, 2011

In A Nutshell . . .

Imagine if Beethoven had never seen a piano
Or Eric Clapton walked right past guitars without stopping to give them a try.
Or if Rembrandt, Monet or Irma Stern had never picked up a paint brush
Or the Wright brothers had decided that flying was impossible and never even started experimenting with it . . .

There was something inside these, and others who have left their mark, waiting to be recognised and birthed.
How mysterious these 'links' are!
How is it that some people connect to their giftedness?
Is it in some way inevitable that they find them?
Is it like some form of recognition when they are exposed to their "thing"?
Is it a happy accident that connects the gift with the person who has it?

I gazed a huge and beautiful tree in Ireland recently and the thought crossed my mind:
"That tree was all locked up in a small seed.
That massive, breathtaking tree."
How brilliant You are, God!"

What if the seeds for that tree had been put in a box and forgotten about?
What if, though it was planted, the outer husk had remained hard so the seed couldn't germinate?
What if it had never even entered the soil that enabled it
To grow and flourish and bring pleasure to those who see it?

What does that all mean in my own life?

These thoughts turn quietly in the silences of my mind
Anticipation trembles in my innerman.


MrsLG said...

Lovely pic... and a great post! Thought-provoking. I like.

Gill said...

Wow! Brilliant post. Makes you think, doesn't it?!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautiful thought-provoking post.

cat said...

Stunning post!

Gill said...

6 years later and I still think “WOW, brilliant post!”